Alcohol-free and
Natural Ingredients

DEVIL & DETAIL month rinse contains spear mint, birch back extract, soponaria and persimmon (kaki fruit in Japanese) tannin and luxurious Damascan rose oil: they help on naturally prevent bacterial growth, protect gums, and deodorize for fresh breath.

Many mouthwashes are too acidic and weaken the tooth enamel by removing necessary minerals. Demineralized tooth enamel is at higher risk for cavity formation. When bacteria are able to penetrate the enamel, cavities and tooth decay can occur. The acidity of a mouthwash is measured by its pH. A pH less than 7 is acidic. Our alcohol-free mouthwash’s pH scale is between 8 to 11.

By keeping the pH of a rinse above the point at which decay starts, this will help place selective pressure on the bacterial population and shift it to a less cavity-causing one. Over time, the dental bio lms will carry fewer cavity-causing bacteria as a percentage of the entire bacterial population. Keeping the pH well above the critical pH of enamel will facilitate remineralization of the tooth. Gargling 20-30 seconds for best result.