The story of

The founder of glamorous & niche personal care brand DEVIL & DETAIL is a seasonal marketing communication professional in a Fortune 500 global company, with strong expertise in beauty and personal care space. A refined personal brand image is key to business and social life, it’ s no longer just about lipstick or showy logos. Devil is in the details, that’s her belief.

So she started gather ideas to design the most niched natural personal care collection. 2016 was the birth of the brand DEVIL & DETAIL, tailored for dainty and sophisticated metropolitans.

2017 is launching time for its first product “DEVIL & DETAIL Damascan rose mouth rinse” . “Bad breath is one of the most imperceptible detail. Most mouth wash products are with alcohol and the taste is spicy and a ictive. A portable-sized and natural taste mouth rinse is what the market needs.” , said by Sarah Chin, Founder of DEVIL & DETAIL.

Our mouth rinse is alcohol-free and with food-graded natural ingredients with delicious perfumed natural notes like Damascan rose. To meet top level quality, DEVIL & DETAIL’ s R&D center and manufactory are both in Tokyo, Japan.


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